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Early Learning Education Toys E Book ebook - English

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•Volume Control.
•Eye-Hand Coordination training
•Help the baby to learn happily
•Simple quiz mode
•Cultivate baby/kid intelligence
•Environment Safety Material.


Let the baby to know the different colors and shapes; baby's observation ability and hand eye coordination training; let your baby practice mosaic, learn to look for the one-to-one relationship.

Sound Control – Can adjust the volume.
Music Mode – Contain English music.


Material : Non-toxic plastic material
Package dimension: 26*23*3 CM
Package Weight: 0.7kg.
Age: 3 years old and above

Product Description

This product is a machine that finger can be a pointer as well to initiate the sound at each pages. The volume can be adjust just pressing volume button. It also contain drawing corner is provided to let your kids show their creativity. By using this machine, the kid can learn about animal, shape , fruits, vehicle and also vegetables. It is also contain a quiz mode to help to train and test your kid about the thing they learn