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Early Learning Baby Funny Cup Toys

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•Eye-Hand Coordination
•Motor Coordination..
•Sensory Stimulate
•Develop creativity
•Learn number and alphabet
•Non-toxic and secure.
•Increase recognize ability


Play freely : Baby/kids can play freely and make them into a single cup or a tower.
Develop idea of children : Baby/kids can play with it followed by the idea they have.
Increase the interaction : Parent can play together with the baby/kids to increase the interaction among them.


Material : Non-toxic plastic
Package size : 15 * 7.5 *7.5CM
Package weight: 0.3
Age : 6 month and above
Description : Printed with alphabet and number on the cup

Product Description

Baby Funny Cups is full of fun and it is a healthy game for baby so that they can grow happily. This toys can train the baby practical ability and help them to learn about number and alphabet. As a parent, you can watch your baby/kid develop new skills and play together with them. Baby/kids also can play freely with this funny cup and arrange the shape they like by using this toys. The cup is made with bright colour so that it can gain the attention of the baby/kids.