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Baby Toys Colourful Musical Play Gym Playgym Play Mat Playmat - Rabbit

RM 45.00
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• Soft and quality mat.
• Safety Material
• Easy disassemble and washable
• Cute hanging animal toys
• Increase Eye-Hand Coordination
• Sit, Crawl and Lying to play.

Material : Non-Toxic Cotton Cloth
Package Size: 48.5 * 30.5 * 10CM
Product Size : 73 X 46 X 43CM.
Battery : 3 * AA Battery
Gender : Unisex.

Mirror Communication : Increase Eye-Hand Coordination
Colour piano keys with 3 mode to attract baby’s attention
Multiple pendant, attract the baby to grasp, they can be removed to play

Product Description
This Multi-Function Musical Baby Equipment is made with non-toxic material. It is come with
a colourful piano so that it can attract the baby. The piano can be removed and use separately too.
Baby can play this product by lying, crawl and also sit. The cute toys that is hanging on the pillar can
attract the kid to catch and beat, this will increase their eye-hand coordination. The hanging toys
also can be removed and play separately by the baby. This product can increase their thinking,
linguistic, artistic, sense and their motor skills.