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(4IN1) Baby Walker, Toddler Push Music Walker, education learning toys toy

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Package Size : 34 x 46x 11cm,
Actual Weight : 1.9kg.

Product FAQ:
1. Wheel not move or  too fast:.
     Please use screwdriver to adjust the screw on the wheel.
2. Moon light not on on piano:
     The design is like this. The moon button on small piano no light.
3. Small handphone no sound:
     The small handphone no electric component, so no sound
4. The star keep blinking:
     The design is like this.
5. Walker too light:
     Please attach the water bottle to the back of walker to increase the stability of walker.
6. My baby easy to fall down when use this walker:
    Baby need time to learn how to use it. It is not buy today, then baby know how to use it tomorrow. You need to patiently teach baby how to use it.

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