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3 Layer Face Mask Ready Stock Disposable Face mask 95 mplus

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3 Ply Face Mask helps reduce the spread of viruses, germs, and bacteria. It provides relief and allows freer breathing for allergy sufferers. The 3 Ply face mask contains a high-level static filtration non-woven middle layer to effectively block micro dust and bacteria. 95% BFE.


  • 3 Ply Mask for Protection 
  • Comfortable and Breathable 

Equipped with an adjustable nose seal to adjust the curve of the mask to the shape of the nose Disposable High-Quality Face Mask 50 pcs


  • Face mask 3 ply 
  • Blue Colour 
  • Premium Quality 
  • Comfortable


1. Take out the mask, white face inward, color face outwards.

 2. Align the Face mask with the mouth and nose, with nose clip upward, and press the nose clip gently to make it fit with the nose.

 3. Hang the ear belt on the ear (or tie it to the head), and adjust the ear belt/tie to a comfortable state.

 4. Adjust the wearing of the face mask to cover only the lower jaw of the nose, so as to obtain a better protective effect. 

Storage: It shall be stored in a dry and cool place with good ventilation 

Shelf Life: 2 years